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Cultivating Calm in a Modern World

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Meditation is an art form that calms the mind and body and allows us to live in harmony with everything around us. Meditation allows us to simply thrive in a modern world full of noise, chaos, and distractions.

Our lives are so full of demands that it is often difficult to just be. Life brings loss of all kinds, and that loss leads to grief. It doesn’t matter what the loss is. We all grieve loss, and that grief disrupts our lives. Daily life and loss causes us to be out of harmony with nature and our innermost beings.  But, we don’t have to remain out of balance. 

Living Moon Meditation is my offering to you. I offer you the tools you need to slow down, breathe, grieve in balance,  and just live. If you have been seeking a lifestyle of peace, contentment, and healing, then Living Moon Meditation is for you.

Allow me to assist you in cultivating the life you desire. Utilizing the sacred arts of energy medicine, mindfulness, and spiritual direction, we will work together to design your best life now.

Why You’ll Love Us

Living Moon Meditation exists to help busy people achieve balance and calm in a stressful world. We are a haven of calm in a modern world, providing clients the tools they need to slow down, breathe, and grieve in balance. We operate by the following guiding principles:

  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Authenticity


“Great Instruction”

I’ve never been very good at mediation. Michele’s guidance really took me to a new level. 



“Exceptional Connection”

I always feel lighter and more connected after a new moon circle led by Michele. It’s great to find a group that feels so safe and accepting!



“Inspires Further Learning”

The experience was spiritual, educational and emotional. It also made me want to learn more. What better outcome can one receive from an opportunity than to want to learn more? I will be joining in many more gatherings at Living Moon Meditation.