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The Witch Is In!

I help you transform when you feel like lead. I guide you to a deeper level of your inner self and help you emerge alchemized into gold! This is personal alchemy at a deeper level. 

Personal Alchemy

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Alchemy on a Deeper Level

If you’re ready to explore shamanic alchemy on a deeper level, you’ll want to connect with me as I share only a small percentage here. You can join my online community, subscribe to my newsletter, and/or follow me on social. 

Personal Alchemy

3 Pillars of Alchemy

Alchemy of Spirit

You've been living a spiritual life that isn't authentic to you. You may want to blend traditions- even religion & magic. You may even have been told it's not possible. YES YOU CAN!

Alchemy of Energy

You give so much to others that it hurts. You enjoy what you do, but your cup runneth empty. Or, you're so stuck in the muck that it's left you empty and you just can't seem to come up with a way to move forward. YES YOU CAN!

Alchemy of Death & Dying

You worry that you're not ready to face the final act of life. Whether it's your own death, or that of a loved one, you feel stuck. You have questions and feel like you can't die well. YES YOU CAN!

Meet the Ba'alat Ov, Your Shamanic Energy Alchemist

My name is Michele Lefler. I’m a ba’alat ov (Jewish shamaness + witch). I’m passionate about helping you transform and move forward to the life of your dreams. 

Shamanic Energy Alchemist