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Why energy medicine?

I believe that our energetic health is the foundation of living a healthy and balanced life. 

Hi there! I’m Michele Lefler, and I support tired, numb, overwhelmed folx to become grounded, joyful, and energetic.

I’m multi-passionate and not willing to define myself by any one thing. I blend shamanic energy work and magic to aid you in remembering who you came here to be. 

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You’d like to live a bold life on your terms but find yourself hiding and staying in the box society has given you. With a sprinkle of energy medicine and a splash of magic, I’d love to support you in climbing out of that box!


As responsible adults, we’re told to keep ourselves small. We’re expected to live our lives in boxes and not deviate from the norm. But there’s a better way to honor our sovereignty…without the discomfort and struggle.


It’s time to stop being a black-and-white copy of someone else and start being the “in living color” version of you that you came here to be.

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The folx who work with me are burned out and overwhelmed. They feel stuck. I firmly believe that stuck feeling is a sign that we’re living life in a too-small pot- like a rootbound plant. All you need is to replant yourself in a larger container so your roots can thrive!

Another thing my folx face is toxic positivity. 

From day one of your energetic journey you’re likely to come across the notion of “positive vibes only”. This overreliance on the positive aspects of life is toxic positivity and it downplays the very real darker aspects of the human experience. 

Our lives are not always positive. 

There is nothing wrong with that. But the “love and light” crowd can leave you feeling like something is wrong with you. I’m here to tell you that’s not true! Our lives require an equal balance of light and darkness. The only “bad” to the light and dark dichotomy is when we have an imbalance skewing either way. 

Allow me to help you explore the darkness. 


I can help you retrieve the parts of yourself that you’ve tried to hide to fit the good vibes mold. When you work with me, you choose what method is the best way to reincorporate the dark and light. Start working with me today. 

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