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Living Moon Meditation

Holistic Support For Creating Your Dream Life

Ever Feel Like You're Stuck

living a life that doesn't quite align with your bold dreams? I get it. Society often puts us in this box, urging us to play it safe and small. But what if I told you there's a way to break free from that and add a bit of magic to your journey?

You're a responsible adult, but that doesn't mean you have to stay small and stick to the norms. I totally understand the struggle of wanting to be your true, authentic self while dealing with the pressures to conform. Now's the time to ditch the black-and-white copy of someone else and start embracing the colorful, "in living color" version of you that you're meant to be.

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Energy Medicine & Magic

My approach involves sprinkling a bit of energy medicine and magic into your life, supporting you as you step out of that societal box with less discomfort and more ease.

Whether you are

  • dealing with burnout
  • struggle to meditate
  • want to start a business
  • are dealing with grief and/or an upcoming death
  • or are struggling with your spirituality

you deserve support. Let's tackle these challenges with a friendly chat, empathy, and a dash of understanding, paving the way for your transformation into the awesome, authentic you!

Let's Start With Ease

Dive into all the gifts I have for you.

Meet Your Guide

Our energetic health is the foundation of living a healthy and balanced life. 

Hi there! I’m Michele Lefler, and I support tired, numb, overwhelmed folx to become grounded, joyful, and energetic.

I’m multi-passionate and not willing to define myself by any one thing. I blend shamanic energy work and magic to aid you in remembering who you came here to be. 

You're a multi-faceted person, and I support all of you.

If you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and stuck, you're not alone. 

If you're struggling with meditation, that's cool too.

If starting a business is on your mind, let's dive into that dream together.

If you're feeling the need to untangle yourself from certain beliefs, I've got your back.

And let's not forget grief and dying, which are tough but natural parts of life.

Replant Yourself

Being stuck in any of these situations is like living in a pot that's too small for your growth, just like a plant that needs more space for its roots to thrive. Let's replant you in a larger container where you can flourish!

Here’s the low-down. The biggest obstacle that’s keeping you root-bound is energy blockages. Those blocks keep your energy from flowing smoothly, so you can't grow.

It's like having a kink in a hose – the energy can't flow freely, stunting your development.

There are ways to break free from these constraints and pave the way for your own growth. By identifying and addressing these energy blockages, you can create a pathway for your energy to flow smoothly once again. It's about clearing the path so you can thrive in a larger, more accommodating space.

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