Adar- The Month of Good Fortune

  • Constellation/Mazal- Pisces
  • Ruling Planets- Jupiter
  • Tribe- Joseph (Ephraim & Menashe)
  • Stone- Onyx
  • Color- black
  • Symbol- Egypt, Ox, Unicorn
  • Letters- Kof ק and Gimmel ג
  • Direction- West

Rosh Chodesh Adar (head or beginning of the month) begins on the evening of February 24, 2020. The word Adar comes from ancient Babylonian and Hebrew. It means “to be darkened” or “eclipsed” and also, “majestic” and “wide”.  Joseph, who was made a ruler in Egypt, and his two sons, Ephraim and Menashe, represent Adar. During leap years, Ephram and Menashe represent Adar A and Adar B. The constellation Pisces, which rules Adar, is said to represent luck and repel the evil eye. Joseph is represented by the color black and the stone onyx. 

Adar is the month of luck and fortune (mazal). The letters kof ק and gimmel ג correspond to Adar. Gimmel represents abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Kof represents darkness. The letter kof also represents laughter, joy, and the masquerade, which is acceptable at Purim. 

Ephraim and Menashe are tribes of the West. In Shamanism, the west is represented by the jaguar. Jaguar represents prophecy, shapeshifting, and secrecy. These are key components of the Purim story. Ephraim and Menashe, while not sons of Israel, represent their father, Joseph, who is. The three together represent Adar, (and in leap years Adar A and B). Just as in the story of Purim, they represent things not always being as they appear.  

Adar is a time to revel in our good fortune. It is a time to reveal the secrets we have been keeping and rejoice in the new directions our lives are taking. Adar is a good time to shake off the seriousness of life and laugh at the face of darkness and evil that tries to thwart our path. Maybe we need to embody the characteristics of the jaguar and shapeshift our way into a positive future. No matter what life holds in store for us, there will always be shifting from darkness to light. 

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