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Finding Joy in Times of Fear

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We are living in an unprecedented time of fear. I struggled with writing a post about the current fear climate surrounding COVID-19 and the world being under quarantine. It isn’t like there’s not a plethora of talk about it on every other blog and website. So, at first, I planned specifically not to write about it. However, as time has gone on and more and more businesses are closed and most people are safely tucked away at home, I have noticed that the fear isn’t slowing. It’s not even flatlined. No, fear is continually rising. Fear. Anxiety. Panic. So, I decided I would write about it. But, I’m not going to write about the fear itself, because we all know that it’s out there. What I am going to write about is the deliberate cultivation of joy during times of fear. 

Hermeticism teaches that everything is mental. Every aspect of life, death, existence, non-existence- everything- exists in our mind. Whatever we have is the result of a thought we have had at some previous point, if not a thought we are still having. We create our reality with our mind. If we think about what we fear we are pulling that very thing into our lives. This is what some people refer to as the Law of Attraction. There are many names for it, and it is woven through all of the Hermetic Principles. (If you’re interested in learning more about the Hermetic Principles, request your FREE copy of my ebook here.)

Instead of focusing on what we fear, we should instead focus on things that bring us joy. Doing so will draw more joy into our lives. The Jewish world celebrated the holiday of Purim earlier this month. It is a holiday dedicated to joy and folly. Joy, however, doesn’t have to be relegated to one day. We can find joy in everything we do. We need it now more than ever. 

It’s easy to say we need to find joy in our lives, but it can be difficult to actually put it into practice in our everyday lives. For those who have a natural tendency toward fear, it can seem virtually impossible. But, it’s not. I know because I am one of those people. My natural reaction to negative things is to fear or become anxious. I have a lifelong struggle with anxiety. But, I make a conscious effort each day to push the fear away and look for things that bring me happiness. It does become easier over time, but there are days when I struggle. 

My best advice is to keep a gratitude journal. Each evening before bed, write down a list of things you are grateful for that day. Even if you only have one thing, that’s better than nothing. And, if you cultivate this into a daily practice you will notice that your list will start growing longer. If you’re struggling to come up with anything to find joy from, start with your breath. It’s always the best place to start in any situation. Find joy in the breath you have that gives you life. Did you see a flower today? That’s something that brings joy. You can take joy in the fact that you have a roof over your head and food to eat. It doesn’t matter what it is. Anything you are thankful for is something in which to find joy. 

No matter how small, find something each day to be thankful for, something that brings a little bit of happiness into your life, something that puts a smile on your face. When you find yourself in the midst of fear, stop and find something to be thankful for. If this isn’t something you are used to doing you will find that you fail at it. That’s ok. Keep going. Keep doing it. Work through the struggle. It will get easier. You will find that in time you are thankful more often than you are fearful. That’s when you’ll start noticing things changing in your life. You attract what you think about.

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