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Iyar- The Month of Love & Light

  • Constellation/Mazal- Taurus
  • Element- Air
  • Ruling Planets- Venus
  • Tribe- Issachar
  • Stone- Sapphire
  • Color- blackish
  • Symbol- sun and moon
  • Letters- Vav (ו)
  • Direction- East

This week we once again celebrated the new moon and with it, we celebrated the new month of Iyar. The history of this word is unknown, but it is generally accepted to mean “light”. The letter vav (ו) is representative of light as it connects to the light of Creator bestowed upon creation.  Vav (ו) is also known as a link or connection letter. In this respect, it represents Iyar in that Iyar links the months of Nisan (when we celebrate Passover) and Sivan (when we commemorate the giving of Torah at Shavuot). 

In addition to light, Iyar is also representative of love. Taurus, the corresponding constellation for Iyar, is ruled by Venus. Venus was named for the goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality and, Taureans are definitely all of these traits!  

Issachar, the scholar of the Tribes, is represented by the stone Sapphire. This stone represents Issachar because of the tribe’s knowledge and renown for Torah study. This is why Sapphire is not the stone Leshem as I mentioned in a previous blog post

As with Nisan, Iyar’s direction is East as Issachar camped to the east of the tabernacle. As we saw last month, the Eagle rules the East.  The eagle soars high and is, therefore, closer to the light of the Creator. 

At first, I found it ironic that the very time when my direction is turning towards darkness and the shadows we come to a month so infused and represented by love and light. But, then, I remembered that the shadows are not, indeed, fully dark. In order for there to be a shadow, there must be light. And, if we focus solely on the light, and ignore our shadows we are living in toxic positivity which hurts not only ourselves but those around us as well. As with everything, light and dark must be in balance. The shadows are a perfect place for that.  

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