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What it Means to be a Psychic

Last week I changed my business category on Facebook and Instagram. I had originally listed as an Alternative Health category, but as I am refining my business I realized that is no longer the best fit. While my energetic services are a form of alternative health, I found that I was mostly categorized along with services more medicinal in nature. My offerings are more along the lines of the energetic and extra-sensory perception. I changed my category to Astrologist & Psychic. 

A few days afterward my little sister and I were talking. She said, “So now you’re a psychic?” She was laughing, and although she wasn’t saying it to be derisive, she did find it humorous. My response was that I changed it because it was a better fit for my business. I was telling the truth, but not the whole truth. I am a psychic. 

What image comes to your mind when you think of a psychic? Do you see a woman dressed in black and purple, wearing a scarf on her head, lots of makeup, and working with a crystal ball, tarot cards, tea leaves, etc? Do you think of the Psychic Reading signs outside houses and office buildings advertising fortune-telling services? That’s what my sister had in mind when she questioned me as a psychic. It’s a stereotypical idea. And, stereotypes exist for a reason. They are based in truth, and that view is true. Those are psychic abilities and people who have those abilities are psychics. But, that is only one image of the psychic. 

According to Mirriam-Webster, a psychic is a person with psychic abilities. Those abilities would be things that are energetic in nature, that don’t fit into the sphere of physical science. Psychic abilities and phenomena or those things and events that relate to the immaterial and/or the psyche. They are supernatural in nature. 

That broadens the image of psychics. By that understanding, I am a psychic as all energy workers are. By definition, empaths are psychic because we have a sensitivity to non-physical (energetic) forces. There are even psychics who are not aware of their psychic abilities or perceptions. Psychic abilities can be developed and honed through practice. Most, if not all, people actually have psychic abilities. It’s possible to be sensitive to spiritual and energetic forces and not realize it because we have been conditioned to not notice it. If you do fit the definition of psychic I encourage you to work on developing your abilities and sensitivities. If you don’t think you are psychic but are open to learning if you are, I suggest looking into ways to test if you actually do have abilities. You probably do!

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