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The Raven

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the transformation my business has taken over the past month. I began with holistic health/healing using various energy healing modalities. But, I went on a journey to meet the spirit of my business and met Raven. Raven is dark and mysterious and represents so many different things. This list reflects just a handful of the many symbolic meanings of Raven. 


Eternal life

Freedom/Bridge Walker between the worlds/Link between heaven and earth

Messenger of the gods/Guide


Sadness/Loss/Death/The Underworld

Shadow side



The changes I’m implementing in my business are truly reflective of Raven magic! Instead of simply offering energy healing, I am weaving that into specific programs to help you. I am acting as a guide for you to explore the shadowy painful aspects of your personality and bring them safely into the light. I will help you cleanse from the hurt and ugliness of what you’ve been told about yourself and show you the beauty in whole personality integration. I am speaking directly to your soul about recovering from any loss in your life. I will not let you wallow in self pity for long, but will guide you through the process to transmute into a beautiful new life. I am walking between the worlds to guide you through the process of change. I will protect you and provide for you on your journey. I will help you shapeshift and see the world through the eyes of another. 

I am excited for these changes. I will continue to weave my personal religious/spiritual beliefs into my teachings because I think it’s important to understand others and learn from their perspectives. It goes with the whole shapeshifting thing. In no way am I saying that it’s the only way to believe and/or live. But, I’m also not going to deny who I am. So there you have it. That’s who I am and what Living Moon Meditation is all about. Are you ready to take your journey?

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