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Introduction to Clairvoyance

In my last blog post I spoke about the clair senses as they relate to intuition. Today, I want to specifically discuss clairvoyance or clear seeing. Clairvoyance is easily the most known and talked about psychic sense. It is often referred to as “the sight” or “second sight” and refers to the ability to see things that aren’t physically in front of you that other people can’t necessarily see. I say necessarily here because it is possible for two or more clairvoyants to be together and see the same thing. Think of this as mass hysteria or hallucination, only it’s not hallucination. 

Signs of Clairvoyance

  • Visual flashes
  • Vivid daydreams
  • Vivid dreams during sleep
  • Active imagination
  • Easily see how things fit together
  • Ability to envision things clearly in your head
  • Deep appreciation for beauty
  • Advanced sense of direction
  • Experience deja vu on a regular basis

Keep in mind here that you do not have to experience all of these signs to be clairvoyant, although most likely someone with clairvoyant gifts will experience multiple signs. If you do experience several (or all) of these signs you are clairvoyant, even if you didn’t realize or recognize it as such. 

If you don’t recognize these signs in yourself you can develop clairvoyant abilities. While some people don’t believe it, I firmly believe that everyone has psychic abilities and can develop those that are less prevalent or strong within ourselves. On the flip side, if you already know you are clairvoyant, or are just recognizing yourself as such, it’s also possible to further develop your abilities. 

How to Develop & Strengthen Clairvoyant Abilities

  • Work with your Third Eye Chakra- Chakras are energy centers throughout your body. Your Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of your forehead slightly raised above your physical eyes. It governs intuition and psychic abilities. Working with and developing your Third Eye Chakra will help you develop any psychic gifts, not just clairvoyance. 
  • Practice Visualization- Because clairvoyance is clear seeing, you need to practice seeing things in your mind’s eye. There are plenty of ways to practice visualization and you can find lots of them online. One easy way to do this is to close your eyes, relax, and call a random object to mind. Then focus on seeing that object behind your closed eyes. 
  • Repeat a mantra or affirmation- Affirmations are a great way to focus our intent over a long time. Repeating a phrase multiple times each day for however many days keeps us focused on reaching a goal or developing a habit or ability. A good choice for developing clairvoyance is: I am strong in my clairvoyant abilities. It is safe for me to psychically see. 

It is important to remember that clairvoyance is only one psychic ability. It is common for people to have multiple abilities with one more dominant than the other. No one psychic gift is any more or less important than the other and no gift is more useful than another. There is no hierarchy of clair senses. I will be explaining the other clair abilities and psychic gifts in future posts. 

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