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An Apology and My Commitment

black lives matter

I wanted to reach out to you today and specifically state that I support Black Lives Matter. I am committed to doing the hard work of anti-racism. As a business owner, I am committed to supporting black people, especially women, in the fight for justice, equality, and the eradication of racism. 

I want to deeply apologize for delaying speaking out on my stance. I did not hesitate to do so in my own personal space but did hesitate to do so in my business space. That was an error on my part and reveals some work I need to do in my own life. I could make an excuse for the delay, but that would be exactly what it was- an excuse. So, I will not do so. Please know that I am deeply regretful and will continuously do what I can to stand as an ally. 

And this is my commitment to you. Every day I will do something to continue my work in showing that I believe black lives matter. I will educate myself. I will speak out. I will participate in activism. I can’t do everything, but I can do something every day. And that is what I am committed to. 

Please know that I value each and every member of my community. I know we are a diverse group in backgrounds and beliefs. If you are a POC, please know that I am here for you in whatever way I can be. I am not putting it on you to reach out to me, but if you choose to do so, I will do what I can. If you are a person who looks like me, I expect you to do the hard work yourself. Seriously examine who you are, what you believe, and what your biases are. We all have them. It’s impossible to live in our world and not because the indoctrination runs deep and is in the very air we breathe. If you don’t understand why this is, please contact me or reach out to me on social and I’ll be glad to have a discussion with you. 

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