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Introduction to Clairtangency

In a previous blog post I spoke about the clair senses as they relate to intuition. Today, I want to specifically discuss clairtangency or clear touching. Also known as psychometry, clairaltangence is the ability to touch physical objects and perceive and know bits of information about the object and/or its owner that were not previously known to the clairtangent. With many clair senses (clairvoyance, clairalience, clairsentience, etc.) the psychic is receiving information from a stimulus that isn’t physically present. With psychometry, however, the psychic is physically touching an object when s/he receives the psychic information. Psychometry also can not work on its own. It must work in tandem with at least one other psychic sense. In other words, a clairtangent must also have a second clair ability. This is in direct contrast to other psychic senses which work independently (although a psychic can and often does have multiple abilities). For example, with clairtangency, the psychic could pick up and hold a key in her hand. When she holds the key she receives information about the key’s owner through a vision. In this example, the information comes directly through clairvoyance, but is triggered by physically holding/touching the key- psychometry. 

Signs of Clairtangency

  • You purchase or receive an item as a gift and immediately feel the need to pass it on or get rid of it in some way. 
  • You have an overwhelming desire to wash your hands after handling used objects. 
  • Second hand furniture leaves you feeling drained. 
  • Pawn shops overwhelm you. 
  • You feel uncomfortable in cluttered spaces. 
  • Antique stores put you on edge. 

Keep in mind here that you do not have to experience all of these signs to have clairtangent abilities, although most likely someone with this ability will experience multiple signs. If you do experience several (or all) of these signs you are psychometric, even if you didn’t realize or recognize it as such. People with psychometric abilities, however, are the least likely to question their gifts due to the fact that it is triggered by a physical touch whereas the other clair abilities are not. 

If you don’t recognize these signs in yourself you can develop these abilities. While some people don’t believe it, I firmly believe that everyone has psychic abilities and can develop those that are less prevalent or strong within ourselves. On the flip side, if you already know you experience clairtangency, or are just recognizing yourself as such, it’s also possible to further develop your abilities. 

How to Develop & Strengthen Psychometric Abilities

  • Work with your Third Eye Chakra- Chakras are energy centers throughout your body. Your Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of your forehead slightly raised above your physical eyes. It governs intuition and psychic abilities. It is most closely aligned with clairvoyance- the ability to see, but this chakra governs all psychic and intuitive abilities. 
  • Develop Your Sense of Touch- When touching an object – whether reading its energy or not- focus on the way it feels. Notice the sensations the object makes on your skin. The more you are aware of how an item physically feels, the more you will be able to notice energetic differences in feeling. 
  • Just Do It!- The best way to develop psychometric abilities is to practice. You can do this with any object, and it’s best to try it with a variety of objects. Pick up an item and close your eyes. Feel the item in your hands. Notice any thoughts or sensations you have. Write down any feelings or impressions you have. When you finish, mark out anything that you already knew. The information you didn’t know is what came to you through clairtangency. 
  • Have a Psychometry Party- After you have a bit of practice and are feeling more comfortable, have some friends come over with an object that doesn’t belong to them. Everyone chooses an object that they didn’t bring and writes down what information they pick up from the object. Then, the person who brought the object can tell them what bits of information are true. 

It is important to remember that clairtangency is only one psychic ability. It is common for people to have multiple abilities with one more dominant than the other, and in fact, with psychometry, at least one other psychic ability must be present. No one psychic gift is any more or less important than the others and no gift is more useful than another. There is no hierarchy of clair senses. I previously discussed clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairgustance, and clairalience and will be explaining the other clair abilities and psychic gifts in future posts. 

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