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introduction to channeling


Over the past few months, I have spoken briefly about intuition and the clair senses: what they are, and how to develop and strengthen them. Today I want to talk about another intuitive ability- channeling. 

What is Channeling

In its most basic form, channeling is the communication between a person and non-human consciousness. The non-human consciousness resides on higher planes of existence than our physical plane, and the channel makes contact with the consciousness on those higher planes. 

The most well-known form of channeling is mediumship, in which a medium communicates with the spirit of those who have passed over from life. While mediumship is the usual go-to modality that comes to mind, it is, in fact, only one type of channeling. Any type of communication with higher non-human consciousness is channeling. When you are communicating with your Spirit Guides, you are channeling. When you are communicating with your higher power in prayer, you may be channeling. The thing with prayer is that, in many instances, the person communicates their thoughts and desires to their higher power, but do not spend time in listening to what the higher power wants to say back. This would not qualify as channeling. In order for prayer to be channeling you have to actually listen to the wisdom, your higher power wants to impart back to you.  

Some people view channeling as another being taking over the body of the channel. This does happen in channeling, but it is not the only way for channeling to take place. Channeling can also manifest through higher conscious thoughts or the sound of someone speaking directly into your ear. There is no right or one way to experience channeling. 

How to Develop & Strengthen Channeling Abilities

  • Work with your Crown Chakra- Chakras are energy centers throughout your body. Your Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head. It governs higher consciousness and oneness with all things. 
  • Meditate-  I recommend a daily meditation practice for almost everything imaginable. I swear by it and think it’s the best thing since Willis Cather invented the air conditioner. Well, not really since meditation has been around a lot longer than that. But, you get where I’m going with this. Meditation helps you clear out all the junk in your head. It quiets down the monkey mind. And when your head isn’t cluttered up with all that muggle junk you actually have space for all the cool information downloads coming your way. In all seriousness, meditation allows you to slow down your mind and tunes you into receiving higher conscious communication. 
  • Practice Automatic Writing- Get out your journal and a pen and get to writing. No, it’s not like that, but almost. Once you have your writing instruments you sit down and clear your mind. Ask your higher self or spirit guides a question and then just write whatever comes to your mind. It may be a bit weird at first, but with practice, you’ll start writing all kinds of neat claircognizant information direct from your guides. 
  • Set an intention.- Specifically set the intention to become a channel. When you are specific about what you want it is much easier for the Universe to give you what you want. 

It is important to remember that channeling is only one type of psychic ability. It is common for people to have multiple abilities with one more dominant than the other. No one psychic gift is any more or less important than the others and no gift is more useful than another. There is no hierarchy of psychic abilities. No matter what psychic gift you have, it can be used to strengthen your human experience, and if you want, it can be developed further. 

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