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The Truth About Energetic & Spiritual Medicine

energy medicine

Today we are going to talk about energetic and spiritual medicine. Now I’m not going to talk about specific types of medicine. I’m going to talk about what I mean by energetic and spiritual medicine, and the reason I’m going to talk about this is because I had a student several months ago- maybe a year ago- who asked me what I meant when I said medicine.

Obviously I’m not talking about going to the pharmacy and getting prescription medication. I am talking about energy and spirit and that kind of medicine. So, they’re similar. If you know what medicine is in terms of going to the pharmacy and getting a prescription medication then you can pretty much figure out what spiritual and energetic medicine are if you think about it in terms like that.

When your body is physically ill and you go to a medical doctor and they give you a prescription, you go to the pharmacy, you get a medication, you’re taking a substance that does something in your body that is supposed to have a healing, restorative, curative effect. That’s what medication is in terms of science- in terms of medicine. Obviously medicine because that’s what we’re talking about. That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about traditional medicine is a substance you take that does something to heal your body or heal your illness- whatever you’re taking the medication for.

Energetic and spiritual medicine work in the same way. It is not a substance in the fact that you’re not putting a chemical in your body. It could be as simple as a Reiki treatment that manipulates your energy. Or not necessarily manipulates but stimulates your inner body’s healing energy. That would be a type of energy medicine. It could be something like using crystals to enhance your wellness. Those are just two examples. There are many many many many many more types of energetic and spiritual medicine. 

But, what we’re talking about when you hear a magical person or a spiritual or energetic practitioner talk about medicine, they’re not talking about a chemical substance that you take, that you get from the pharmacy or whatever. They’re talking about plants. Plants, yes,  but plants are used in traditional medicine as well. But herbalists use plant medicine. Energy practitioners use energy medicine like Reiki, Qi Gong, healing energy, whatever modality they’re using. In terms of spiritual medicine it can often be something like crystals, it can be shamanic healing. Anything that a practitioner does or that you do for yourself that takes something external from you and uses it to aid your body in healing itself. 

So I’m saying external here because generally with something like Reiki or another healing energy modality, a practitioner, or yourself if your Reiki attuned or whatever modality you’re using, you’re using an external force- a Source energy to interfere. Interfere is a bad word here. I don’t think there are any bad words but it’s not the exact word I’m trying to use in this term because interfere has negative connotations. In this spiritual energy or Source energy doesn’t interfere or manipulate but it works in tandem with your own energy.

Now remember back in science class we learned that everything is made up of energy. That means we are made up of energy. That means this computer I’m recording this video on is energy. The desk that my computer sits on is energy. My glasses here are energy. Everything is energy. So we, our bodies are energy and we have energy moving within us.  And so energetic medicine or spiritual medicine is something external to our energy and external energy Spiritual medicine is stopping external to our energy and external energy source that works in tandem with our own energy source to stimulate our body’s ability to heal itself.  So that’s what we’re talking about when we say spiritual medicine, energy medicine, that kind of thing. We’re talking about the external Source.

And again, it can be plants which would go similarly with traditional medicine because early traditional medicine was made from plants. Now it’s usually man-made chemicals that are supposed to stimulate the same reaction within our body that plants do. I’m not getting… I was about to say something but I’m not going to. I’m going to be good, but I was going to say it’s because the big Pharma wants to make money and they can make money off of chemicals that they can’t make off of plants, But I won’t go into that because that’s not what this video is about.

So yeah. Energy medicine, spiritual medicine. It can be something like plants. I can be energy. It could be crystals. It can be prayer, meditation, whatever you’re doing, whatever your healer, your practitioner is using for you or suggests that you use for yourself is medicine. Coaching is medicine. When you talk to a coach, when you hire a coach to help you figure out what’s going on- what you’re doing, whether it be with a business, life, spirituality, whatever. When you hire a coach the coaching that you get from that person is medicine. Basically everything is medicine if you use it to heal yourself, if you use it to better yourself, if you use it to make progress on your healing and spiritual journey, it’s medicine. So that’s what I’m talking about when I say energy medicine- spiritual medicine. 

If you hear me in teaching or you’re working with me and I say something about medicine, this is what I’m talking about. I may refer you sometimes to a medical doctor because I do not think that medical doctors are all bad. I don’t think that medication as in traditional medication is bad. Sometimes we need these things, and not everything can be healed or worked on through one way. We need different healers, different treatments for different things. And sometimes things work in tandem together.

So a lot of times I will refer my clients to see their medical doctor and to take whatever prescription medication that their medical doctor prescribes for them. I am not a medical doctor. I will never tell you not to take medication or not to see your doctor because I do believe that spiritual healing and traditional Western medicine can work hand-in-hand, and I am not here to tell you that an issue that you’re having is all spiritual in nature and if you just do XYZ you’ll be healed because that’s not how it works.

So yeah. I often refer my clients to see a traditional medical doctor. But if I’m talking about medicine in that terms I will say traditional medicine, Western medicine, something like that. So normally if you hear me talking about medicine I am talking about spiritual medicine or energy medicine. And now you know what I mean by that if you didn’t already. 

So there we are for today- everything you wanted to know about the meaning of energy and spiritual medicine without going into 50 bazillion different examples of what those are. So I hope you learned something. See you next time. Make sure if you liked my video that you like it and subscribe to my channel. Thanks very much. See you next time

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