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connecting with Your Spiritual Lineage

spiritual lineage

Once you know your spiritual lineage how do you connect with those who came before you? Here are some easy and quick tips to get you started.

So in our last post, I talked about the importance of knowing your spiritual lineage and how that can be the same as your ancestral lineage but how sometimes it’s not, or how sometimes it’s your ancestral lineage and then an adopted lineage as well. So if you know what your lineage is but you don’t know how to connect to it what do you do then? That’s what I’m going to talk about today- ways to connect with your spiritual lineage. 

So the first thing you can do is once you know what your lineage is, is to do some research. If your spiritual lineage comes from your ancestors you can start researching your genealogy and learning about what your ancestors did, who they were, what they believed, and how that impacts you today and makes you the person that you are. 

Now, what if your spiritual lineage is not your ancestors? There are ways to still connect with that lineage. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, as I said in the last episode, you’re not the first person to believe the way you believe unless you’re completely making up something new, and then even if you are coming up with a new philosophy, a new idea that is completely 100% new to humanity never before been believed by someone else, there is something that predisposes you to believe as you do- that caused you to come up with this belief. That is what you would research in such a situation. But nine times out of ten you’re not the first one to believe the way you do. So look for the people who believe that way before you. Even if it’s a new idea, even if it’s a new ideology, somebody created it. It came from somewhere. If it’s an evolution of a different belief, start studying and connecting it with the previous beliefs and why the belief system evolved the way it did. There is so much out there in terms of information. It is easy in the 21st century to find and research information. If you need help you can always go to your friendly public librarian and ask for research help. Yes, that’s a plug from a friendly public librarian, aka me. But there is a wealth of information out there. So just start researching your belief system and where it came from.

Now once you know where your belief system came from, once you’ve researched, once you’ve connected with the ancestors whether they’re your biological ancestors or your spiritual ancestors you can connect with those spirits of the ones that came before you in meditation. You can connect with your ancestors through prayer, through ritual. On my website, I do have a meditation, an audio meditation, a guided meditation that I have available for purchase to help you connect with your ancestors. I wrote it and designed it to connect with your biological ancestors but it works just as well to connect with your spiritual ancestors if they are not the same as your biological ones. So if that’s something you’re interested in you can find plenty of guided meditations online, you can write your own, or I do have that one that is available for purchase and I will have a link for that below this video so take a look for that if you are interested in that. Yes, it is something that I created and have for purchase but you don’t have to purchase it if it’s not something you’re interested in. You don’t have to have anything special. You can do your own meditation. It doesn’t even have to be a guided meditation.

These are just some simple ways to start the process of connecting with your spiritual lineage- your spiritual ancestors. That’s all I want to talk about today in terms of that but there are plenty of other ways. I just don’t want to leave you with an overwhelming list of things that you feel you have to do. Start researching on where your beliefs came from, who your ancestors are spiritually and/or biologically depending on what your lineage is, and then find ways to connect with your ancestors through prayer, through ritual, and through meditation. And then in a couple weeks at the full moon I will have another video for you, so have a great first half of your month

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