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How To Start Practicing Jewish Witchcraft

So, you’re ready to start practicing Jewish witchcraft. Where do you begin? Like other magical cultures, Judaism has a long and rich history associated with the esoteric. Unlike many magical cultures, Judaism has done a lot in the last few centuries to distance itself from the magical workings that make up many of its practices. This is extremely sad makes my heart hurt because of all the culture that has been lost to so many Jews. Sadly, it can be seen to have been a necessity for our survival thanks to antisemitism. But, alas, I digress as that is not what we’re talking about today (although we will talk about in the future).

But, as I was saying, Judaism has spent a marvelous amount of time and energy trying to distance itself as a religion from the esoteric. This means that it’s not easy to just walk into a bookstore or search online for the magic within the religion. This can be done, of course, it’s just not easy. But then again, many things worth pursuing in life aren’t easy.

So how does one actually start practicing Jewish witchcraft? Here are some tips I’ve put together from my journey.

Research. Magic is prominent in Judaism if you look for it. And really, you don’t have to look that hard. You just have to look. Many people think of Kabbalah in terms of Jewish magic. It is. But, it’s not the end all and be all of Jewish magic. Magic existed within Judaism long before Kabbalah became known. Learn about a wide variety of Jewish magical practices. There are books, podcasts, online groups, and Jewitchy businesses out there. Obviously. My business is one of them, and if you are consuming this content you have already found at least one. Reach out to me or another Jewitch. We’d love to help point you on your way.

Decide what matters to you. Do you want your practice to be 100% Jewish or are you open to other practices? I ask this because some Jewish witches only practice Judaism. Others, like myself, blend other magical practices in with Judaism. I do it because I come from a mixed heritage and converted to Judaism as an adult. So I blend all my stuff together. Deciding what you want to make part of your practice is important because it influences which resources and people you learn from.

Find a mentor or partner. Witchcraft is often solitary. Judaism is often communal. Finding an experienced Jewitch or another practitioner who resonates with you can help you on your learning path. Gathering wtih someone else, even if occasionally can make yoru work fun. Having a mentorcan help you on your learning path. A mentor can share guidance, wisdom, and knowledge.

Trust yourself. Reserach is great. Mentors are great. But they are not infalliable. While you aren’t infalliable, either, never discount your intuition. Your body has wisdom. Learn to hear, listen to, and trust your body’s innate wisdom. Your body only has your best interest in mind. I am a librarian. I believe in the power of books and knowledge from elders. But as you learn, take what you are learning and discern the truth of it for yourself. Magic is not a cult. Don’t let anyone tell you it has to be a certain way- even if it’s a book or mentor.

These are just four quick tips to help you get started on your Jewitch-y path. If you want help or need guidance, send me a message. I’d love to chat.

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