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Spirituality And Intuition: Why They Matter

spirituality and intuition

As the world becomes more connected through technology, it is also becoming easier to be disconnected from our own selves. The necessary quiet time that develops our natural, inborn connection with intuition and spiritual guidance is no longer easily found in our daily lives. This can cause feelings of overwhelm, meaninglessness, and an inner sense of disharmony and emptiness. This is the essence of the importance of spirituality and intuition.

Today we face unprecedented challenges both individually and collectively. Firstly, this means that there is also a very high level of daily stress constantly affecting our bodies, minds, and emotions. Consequently, our everyday lives are full of intensity as we witness widespread social, political, and climate change, uncertainty about the future, and fear of the unknown.

Secondly, there is also the effect of greater spiritual light expanding on the Earth. As a result, this is helping us to awaken spiritually. It is also creating a major cleansing process for us on all levels. The pain of the past that we may have buried from our consciousness begins to surface into our awareness. When it does, it brings old feelings or physical symptoms to light.

We are all developing ways to cope with the increased levels of stress in our lives. There are many tools and transformational supports that can assist you in reclaiming your spirituality and intuition. Once you create an intention to reconnect with your inner being, you will begin to draw the people, situations, and supports you need to yourself.

Why Intuition Matters

One of the most useful and simple ways to navigate these intense times is to develop a deeper connection with your natural intuition. This is a gift from our soul to our embodied, human self which we all have access to. Some of us are more attuned to this part of ourselves. Others may have learned to “turn off” this inner gift, because of childhood pressure to conform to social standards.

Everyone has the capacity to nurture, develop and strengthen this important part of themselves. It doesn’t matter how connected or disconnected you may feel from your intuition. Living with active and awake intuition offers us the opportunity to perceive and experience a whole new creative dimension of life. When we develop our intuition new experiences begin to open and create vast and meaningful possibilities.

Developing spirituality and intuition serves to create a depth of connection to inner truth. Have you ever witnessed the simple truth that comes from small children who have not yet learned to censor their inner guidance? If so, you’ll have some idea of what is possible for you.

There are many sources of information that may or may not be accurate or truthful. Your intuition can offer clarity in situations where it may not otherwise be possible to know what is real. As your intuition becomes more developed, you will be able to sense the presence or the lack of love, light, and warmth in people. You will be able to discern what feels true or false to you. This may or may not match the words that people say or the appearances they present.

In today’s world, there is much at stake. We have many choices presented to us about who to listen to, and where to place our trust. If we are disconnected from our intuition it is easier for us to be swayed in directions that depart from love and truth. Developing our intuition offers the precious gift of discernment. This allows us to see clearly what is true and what is not. It allows us to navigate in the great complexities and challenges that we face in today’s world.

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