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Tune In To Your HIgher Self

When you want to listen to a particular radio station, you tune your radio to that station, tuning in to a particular frequency. It’s the same when you want to watch a particular show on TV. It is the frequency you tune into that determines what you hear and what you see. Our brains operate in very much the same way, except that we have only two stations we can tune into, the Ego and the Higher Self.

What Are The Ego and Higher Self?

The Ego is the station that originates in the programmed mind,. It contains all our limiting beliefs that create our fears. The Ego is our wounded self, our false self – the protected self we learned to be as we were growing up and needed to find ways to have control over getting love, avoiding pain, and feeling safe. Our wounded self is a closed circuit. It operates on old information that we acquired as we were growing up. It is information that is no longer relevant or even true. The Ego is not open to new information. It is not open to truth.

The Higher-Self is the station that taps into the unlimited information from the universe. This information is beyond the programmed mind. The Higher-Self taps into the Source of truth that is always here to guide us in our highest good.

How do you tune your frequency to your Higher Self?

We have all been given a “dial” that either tunes us to the low frequency of our Ego or to the high frequency of our HigherSelf. This dial is our intent.

We have only two intents to choose from:

  • The intent to get love and avoid pain with some form of controlling behavior.
  • The intent to learn about loving ourselves and others.

The intent to have control over getting love and avoiding pain lowers our frequency and keeps us stuck in our limited Ego mind. When we choose this intent/frequency, we are stuck thinking the thoughts, the lies, and taking the unloving actions that create fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, stress, anger, jealousy, resentment, and so on. The Ego is the frequency of being a victim. We choose this frequency when we choose the intent to have control over getting love and avoiding pain.

At any moment, we can change our minds and choose the intent to learn about what is in our highest good and the highest good of all. We can choose to learn about our Ego mind rather than stay stuck in it. The moment we choose the intent to learn about love, we raise our frequency and are able to access the Higher Self. This is like moving out of the limitations of our personal computer and into the Internet, only better. While some of the information on the Internet is true and some is not, all of the information we receive from the Higher Self is true. It comes from the Source of Truth.

Why do we stay stuck in the Ego?

The only thing that stops us from choosing the Higher-Self is our addiction to control. The Ego wants control over our feelings, over others’ feelings and actions, and over the outcome of things. When your desire for control is greater than your desire to be loving to yourself and others, and greater than your desire to live in truth, you will remain stuck in the Ego.

The Ego tells us that we can have control over things that we actually have no control over. While we can have some control over our feelings with various addictions, this only leads to greater unhappiness. Our feelings are an inner guidance system letting us know when we are on track or off track in our thinking and behavior. Suppressing them with addictions only leads to more pain.

You will discover great joy when you choose the intent to learn about loving yourself and others and access the incredible information that is yours when you are tuned into your Higher Self. I’d love to be your guide when you are ready for support in this journey. Check out my services to see what fits your needs.

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