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Unlocking Positive Energy: Karmic Pattern Clearing

Have you ever had a situation that keeps recurring in your life and you keep responding in the same way? It can be tough to break those habits even when you want to. The thing is, our response in such situations is often something that happens almost instantaneously with little, if any conscious thought. It’s the result of karmic patterns.The best way to have a different response to such situations, thus breaking them from continuously recurring, is to clear our patterns. Karmic pattern clearing is the cleansing of ingrained habitual responses that dictate the way we react to certain situations.

When we work to clear karmic patterns we often uncover tendencies and thought patterns that are stored in our subconscious mind. For that matter, meditation and an understanding of our dreams are helpful skills in our management of the process.

Karmic energies are neither good nor bad. Energy just is. However, our beliefs and influences shape our perception of certain characteristics as positive or negative, and many of these were acquired during our childhood or in previous lifetimes. This tendency to judge is almost natural and instantaneous.

When we have an initial reaction, a second reaction will analyze it and decide if it’s good or bad. We may try to block it from happening again if we see it as bad. However, this can lead to more reactions and complicate the situation. It’s important to let the initial reaction run its course to understand the cause.

A Method of Karmic Pattern Clearing

To become aware of our own tendencies, we can define our reactions in situations that trigger strong emotions. We do this by expressing how we feel or writing them down. By doing this, we recognize and become conscious of our thought patterns. As we continue to express them, we can uncover and eventually understand more of our karmic tendencies. Eventually, the emotional charge behind these reactions will lessen, and we will lose interest in them. This indicates that the karmic pattern has been cleared.

External situations can reveal something about ourselves. The mirroring principle suggests that when we encounter someone we don’t like, we should check if we have the same pattern within our subconscious. This can be difficult to accept.

There is no easy way to clear karmic patterns. Dream interpretation can help us uncover our unconscious and subconscious aspects, which assists in understanding ourselves and our thought patterns.

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