The spiritual journey can be difficult. You don’t have to walk it alone.

I help spiritually minded women find their groove, heal, & walk powerfully through the shadows.

Join me in the Shadows

Shadow Space is a magical container for women wanting to explore their Shadow aspects. It is a free online community to help you express yourself and grow. I am holding this container open for you with love, empathy, and authenticity. In Shadow Space, we are all about cultivating real relationships. This means we want you to participate!

I’m Michele

I am a Holistic Coach and Transformational Energy Healer. I use my unique experiences to help women transform from trauma to a life of spiritual vibrancy.

Balance After Loss

Our lives are so full of demands that it is often difficult to just be. Life brings loss of all kinds, and that loss leads to grief. It doesn’t matter what the loss is. We all grieve losses, and that grief disrupts our lives. Daily life and loss can cause us to be out of harmony with nature and our innermost beings. But, we don’t have to remain out of balance. 


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