About Michele

As a child, Michele Lefler always had an intense pain in her heart whenever she saw someone suffering. It didn’t matter what type of suffering the person endured, or even, in fact, if they were suffering at all. If her child mind perceived a person to be suffering, she would feel pain herself. As she grew older, Michele spent many years hardening her heart and turning away from that type of response. 

As an adult, Michele now knows that her response was a classic feeling for an empath- a highly sensitive person who can feel or discern the emotions and feelings of others. She has spent the last several years cultivating a return to her empathetic nature. 

While she was hardening herself and driving away her true nature, Michele was also focused on a path of pure intellect and driven nature. It was her goal to not feel or heal, but to constantly seek to do more. In short, she was doing everything in her power to kill her feminine nature and elevate the masculine qualities within herself. 

In December 2017, Michele suffered a major health crisis that resulted in having heart surgery at age 37. She was so run down that she experienced a freak complication from a virus that resulted in pericardial effusion- a buildup of fluid within the sac surrounding the heart. 

That health crisis alerted Michele to the need to get serious about slowing down and being more mindful of her body and mental health. She had been practicing meditation for several years but did not have a routine practice. Michele has since developed her practice, and although it’s still not where she wants it to be, she is mindful of the fact that it is a work in progress. Michele has also experienced a redevelopment of her sensitive nature, and she works with others to help them embrace their highly sensitive nature. 

Today Michele lives a vibrant life in south central Pennsylvania with her husband and their dog, Lucy. 


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