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Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler

Shamanic Energy Alchemist

I’m a Capricorn Sun, Libra Moon, and Aquarius Rising. Harnessing the power of the moon’s energy, I blend spirit, healing, and transformation to help you claim all aspects of your magical self and walk in the power of who you truly are. If you want details, you can find them here

I have walked a long road through the shadows. This life path has allowed me to emerge and offer to walk that same path with you. I’ll be your guide and hold your hand. Let me talk you through it. It may be dark, but there must be light in order to have shadows. 

I practice a shamanic, earth-based Judaism, so my teachings reflect that. But, I believe all spiritual paths are valid and I’m here to support you on your journey, whatever that may look like.

Our Story

The Beginning 

In 2011 I experienced a major life changing moment. My husband passed away at age 24. I was 31. Talk about rock bottom. I was there. Really, I’m surprised I wasn’t found sitting in a corner rocking back and forth while sucking my thumb. After the initial grieving period I realized I had a huge problem. I had not lost the balance in my life. Instead, I never had balance to begin with. 

See, I’m your typical Type A, left-brained, analytical Capricorn. I set my mind on something and I am hell-bent on getting it. I work hard, and that’s about all I do. Talk about lack of balance! But the major problem was that all that grind wasn’t even getting me where I wanted to go. I had a plan, but I wasn’t there. Even before widowhood, I was on the fast track to not hitting my life goals.

The Middle

That’s when I started a several-year (let’s be honest- rest of my life) quest to “find myself”. I have that in quotes because I wasn’t lost. My magic was. Really, it was lost. As a little girl, I had all kinds of magic, but that male-dominated reptilian brain of mine took over. When I began exploring alternative and naturopathic medicine I started to find my lost magic. Living Moon Meditation was born as a result. I first used that name in 2017 when I knew I wanted to start a business, but it really started when I began to birth my business baby in 2018. 

The birth process started with offering Reiki sessions, but it didn’t stop there. As I have grown in my whole life quest, Living Moon Meditation has as well, and my baby is just now starting to crown. Throughout the birth process I have come to realize that a balanced life is all about embracing the magic. And by magic, I mean all of it’s forms. From little girl wide-eyed magic to kitchen witchery and Hermeticism, and everything in between. It takes all kinds of magic to balance and harmonize our lives.  

Not the End

Now, as my baby is fully entering the world, I realize that all folks are in need of living a life full of magic. My mission is to help hurting people find themselves in the shadows, embrace their magic, and become whole. That is the mission of a Shamanic Energy Alchemist!


Gendai Reiki Master Teacher

Professional Life Coach

Yoga Nidra

Holistic Healer

Shamanic Energy Healing    (In Process)

Giving Back

It’s important to me to give back to organizations that support my values. Two of the organizations I support are the Foundations of associations I am a member of. The others are organizations that conduct research and relief efforts for social issues that are important to me.