Books by Michele Lefler

Healing Together

Whatever your struggle, CHI’s holistic experts are here to tell you that hope is available. Get insight into possible paths for your own physical, mental, and emotional transformation!

This book offers you:

  • Inspirational, relatable real-life stories encouraging you to grow forward on your journey of self-discovery & empowerment
  • Various paths to mind-body healing so that you can identify what help is available
  • Expert biographies with contact information to support you in creating positive change
  • Meditations, Worksheets, Tapping Procedures, Journal Questions, & Affirmations to help you get the most out of what you read
  • Topics include: fear, emotional balance, trauma, communication, body image, flexibility, self-acceptance, grief, divorce, stuttering, care-taking, physical illness, depression, restoring connection, spiritual searching, sexuality, and many more