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This course is an introduction to the Jewitch Wheel of the Year. Topics covered include Shabbat, Moon Cycles, the four seasons, and how they relate to the four elements.

If you have ever wondered how the cycle of the year plays out in Jewish tradition, this is for you.

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The days are getting cooler. Daylight is getting shorter and the shadows are lengthening. It’s time to embrace the earth and root ourselves into her dark, loamy, richness. It’s time for Autumn: Sustenance & Rootedness. If you’ve ever wondered how the Hebrew calendar fits in with the spiritual wheel of the year, this module of Jewitch School is for you. 

During the months of Tishrei, Cheshvan, and Kislev, we’ll explore the depths of what Autumn means to the Jewish witch. I’ll take you beyond the holidays into the depths of what our earth has to offer us.