The Raven

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the transformation my business has taken over the past month. I began with holistic health/healing using various energy healing modalities. But, I went on a journey to meet the spirit of my business and met Raven. Raven is dark and mysterious and represents so many different things. ThisContinue reading “The Raven”

What it Means to be a Psychic

Last week I changed my business category on Facebook and Instagram. I had originally listed as an Alternative Health category, but as I am refining my business I realized that is no longer the best fit. While my energetic services are a form of alternative health, I found that I was mostly categorized along with services more medicinal in nature. My offerings are more along the lines of the energetic and extra-sensory perception. I changed my category to Astrologist & Psychic.

Iyar- The Month of Love & Light

Constellation/Mazal- Taurus Element- Air Ruling Planets- Venus Tribe- Issachar Stone- Sapphire Color- blackish Symbol- sun and moon Letters- Vav (ו) Direction- East This week we once again celebrated the new moon and with it, we celebrated the new month of Iyar. The history of this word is unknown, but it is generally accepted to meanContinue reading “Iyar- The Month of Love & Light”

Counting the Days

Anyone following me on social media will know that during Spring, immediately following the first night of Passover, I begin posting daily counting posts. This is my way of sharing my daily Omer counting with you. In Judaism, the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot are known as the Omer, and we count these days to mark the passage of time from one holiday to the other.

Personal Reflections on the Passover Seder

I was not raised in Judaism. I came to it in my early 30s. I was not accustomed to the traditions of Passover. I attended my first seder in 2012. Since then, I’ve participated in my share of them- at least one, usually more, each year. I have accumulated several observations and thoughts over theContinue reading “Personal Reflections on the Passover Seder”

Miriam the Water Witch

The Prophetess Miriam, sister of Moses, is closely associated with water. Like the life giving liquid, Miriam was fluid and able to shapeshift into whatever state was necessary. She defied Pharoah and saved her baby brother’s life by placing him in a basket and setting him into the Nile. After the Israelites crossed the RedContinue reading “Miriam the Water Witch”

Nisan- The Month of Leadership and Redemption

Constellation/Mazal- Aries Element- Fire Ruling Planets- Mars Tribe- Judah Stone- Turquoise Color- Sky Blue Symbol- Lion Letters- Hei (ה) Direction- East This past week marked Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the beginning of the month of Nisan Nisan is a Babylonian term meaning setting out or putting to sleep. Both of these meanings are appropriate for theContinue reading “Nisan- The Month of Leadership and Redemption”

Finding Joy in Times of Fear

We are living in an unprecedented time of fear. I struggled with writing a post about the current fear climate surrounding COVID-19 and the world being under quarantine. It isn’t like there’s not a plethora of talk about it on every other blog and website. So, at first, I planned specifically not to write aboutContinue reading “Finding Joy in Times of Fear”

Jewitch Wheel of the Year

Most witchy types are familiar with the Celtic and/or pagan wheel of the year that includes the Quarter and Cross Quarter days of the year. I have been looking for a Jewitch specific wheel of the year, and haven’t really found anything that includes what I was looking for. So, I decided to make myContinue reading “Jewitch Wheel of the Year”