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Ceremony & Ritual Work

Unique ceremonies for a unique life.

You’re facing a life milestone and you want to mark it with a meaningful ritual. You’d really like to have a ceremony that fits your unique personality, but the traditional ceremonies just don’t seem to fit who you are. You need unique ceremonies for a unique life! I know what this is like. I remember my wedding- designed by me to be exactly what I wanted. The only problem? The Rabbi left out the ritual that was most important to me! What a let-down!

Imagine waking up 10 years from now with the memory of the perfect ceremony. 

I’d love to help you avoid having the memories I do. I will work with you to design your ideal ceremony or ritual and lead it for you at your event. I can help you with all life-cycle and spiritual events: birth, coming of age, marriage, croning, death, and everything in between!

Together we will build the ritual of your dreams. 

This process begins with a complimentary consultation. Your initial consultation will take place via web conference. We will discuss your life cycle and/or spiritual event needs, the vision you have for your ceremony, and how we can best proceed. 

Types of Ceremonies

grave measuring/wick laying for making soul candles

Do you have an idea for a ceremony not listed here? Schedule a Discovery Call and we’ll chat about how I can help you. 

Let's Make Magic

Due to the highly custom nature of this service, pricing will be determined based on client needs during the consultation.

Why Me?

I help you have the ceremony or ritual you want!

Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler