Are you struggling to live life on your terms and not care what other people think? I know what it’s like to cover the flame in your soul in order to live the way other people say you should. 


  • How would your life be different if you were the only person whose opinion mattered?  
  • What would it feel like to remove the weight of external expectations?
  • Imagine waking up tomorrow and knowing that every choice you make is yours and yours alone. 


I’d love to invite you to coaching with me. If you’re struggling with grief & loss, meditation & mindfulness, or spirituality, then let me help you. Let’s get you to the life of your dreams!

Coaching is a co-collaborative program between us to help you take aligned action steps in your life. I will facilitate conversations that help you identify actions, maintain focus, and establish possibilities. We will work together to challenge your limiting beliefs and develop an empowered state of mind. 

A free consultation is required for coaching. After our consultation, I will send you the intake packet to complete. Once I have received it back you are free to schedule your first session.

Why Me?

I ask the questions that lead you to answers.

Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler