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Intro to the Jewitch Wheel of the Year

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Learn the Secrets to the Wheel of the Year from an Earth Based Jewish Perspective


Are you looking for a grounded, earth-based approach to the Jewish Wheel of the Year? If you’re like a lot of witchy Jewish types, then you know how tough it is to find reliable information on earth based practices in Judaism . 


Seems like every time you try to find witchy Jewish practices, you just end up finding traditional witchcraft or appropriated practices. It’s frustrating. It’s alienating.  And it’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for. 


Until now.


Introduction to the Jewitch Wheel of the Year is your guide to quickly and easily understanding the basics of the Jewish year from an earth based perspective.  


Inside this course you’ll discover:

  • The reason why Shabbat is the foundation of the yearly cycle
  • How the lunar cycle forms the basis for our calendar
  • The meaning behind each season of the year

And much, much more. 


By the time you finish this course, you’ll know exactly how to approach the Jewish calendar from a grounded perspective.


Ready to get started?

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