Mercury Retrograde: From Fear to Opportunity

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Does the thought of Mercury Retrograde set your heart racing? You hear the cycle is approaching. Do you get a little (or even a lot panicked)? You definitely are not alone if your anxiety level goes up when you hear the next cycle is approaching.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

I like to start with the bad news because it gets it out of the way, and it also makes the good news that much sweeter!

The bad news is that the next cycle is just around the corner:  May 29th through June 22nd.
The good news is that this doesn’t have to be bad news!
We’ve often heard of the horrors of Mercury Retrograde. And, I’ll admit, things can be off during this three week period. But, it doesn’t have to be horrible. It doesn’t even have to be bearable. It can totally be a time of self-care and personal development.
Join me at 1PM on Sunday, May 23 for a workshop entitled Mercury Retrograde: From Fear to Opportunity. During this program we’ll explore:
  • why we fear this planet moving backwards
  • what a retrograde actually is
  • everything about Mercury
  • typical views of Mercury when he turns back
  • a new approach to embracing the cycle.



Let’s face it. Mercury Retrograde happens three – four times each year. That’s about an entire quarter of the year! Make sure you join me if you’re tired of spending ¼ of every year in fear and dread. Instead of being anxious, learn to harness the power of this recurring cycle and turn it into a gift.
This class will be held live via Zoom on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 1:00 PM. I will send the Zoom link to all registered students by noon that day. After the live session I will post the replay in this course for future viewing.
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