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Destiny Codes

Do you love what you do but question if it's your destiny? Feel like you’re working and grinding yet nothing comes from what you’re doing?

Your to-do list is super full, you’re working a 9-5, you’re super productive but something is missing. You have an inner knowing that things could be different, you know, MAGICAL AF.

You feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, but it doesn’t feel like you’re making a difference. You’re just a number or a body taking up space. You could be making a difference in someone’s life and not seeing it OR you may be mismatched in your job, but you don’t know which.

Mean Girl

Do you make plans only to have them come to a screeching halt?

The truth is you’re GREAT at making plans to get ahead in life (LIFE GOALZ), but you’re exhausted before you even get to the point of taking action (TOTALLY SPENT), and NOTHING HAPPENS. People say, “Wow, you’re really great at planning, but your follow-through SUCKS!” What they don’t know is that you’re working your ass off, but your cup is empty all the time.

You have a mile-long to-do list and the desire to get it done, but your energy level is permanently set to Netflix and chill.

Do you feel like you’re taking on other people’s energy all the time and don’t even know what’s yours anymore?

You’re basically overwhelmed by all the people and all the things, and you just want it to stop.

Soul Witness
Start Working with a Shamanic Healer


  • knowing that everything you do is in perfect sequence with the magic you were put on earth to make
  • having enough energy in your cup to live out all those bewitching plans you make
  • waking up tomorrow and knowing that every choice you make is yours and yours alone
  • knowing exactly how to ward off other people’s energy so you only have to deal with your own.

Imagine reclaiming a life of JOY!

You CAN be like Stella and get your groove back!

Maybe you can’t even describe how you feel other than that you feel like your soul is sick. Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing are

  • Addictive behaviors

  • Emotional absence

  • Fear, anxiety, & depression

  • Guilt, shame, & remorse

  • Indifference

  • Irritability

  • Melancholy & lack of joy

  • Past trauma
  • Reactive response patterns
  • Repeating life patterns
  • Repeating self sabotage
  • Resentment, anger, & blame

  • Unexplained physical symptoms

energetic support for leaders

These are only a few ways soul sickness can manifest, and they are a normal and natural part of life. Just as our bodies can get sick, so can our souls. It doesn’t mean you have a problem (other than being sick) or that something is wrong with you as a person.  But, you don’t want to stay physically sick, right? Well, there’s no need to stay emotionally sick, either.

There’s no shame in seeking help. Seeking a professional for soul medicine should be as natural as seeking a medical doctor for a physical ailment. And that’s where I come in.

When you want to feel better energetically, to feel free, to know your destiny, and to have a plan to claim it for yourself, you need…

Medicine Wheel


a 6 month journey to take you from soul sickness to living the life you were born to lead- a life of unlimited energy and joy!


It’s a hybrid program with a blend of group and 1:1 sessions each month. You’ll get a blend of shamanic sessions (detailed below), Reiki, coaching, rituals, rites of passage, and my signature Divine LIfe Blueprint.

Here's how it works.

Everything is held in a private online community for cohort participants only. 

2- ceremonies

24- group sessions

6- 1 : 1 sessions

This program is limited to 10 participants so that I can dedicate as much of my time and energy to each participant as possible. 

Let's Make Magic

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Shamanic healing works. It is deep and complex work in which the shamanic practitioner channels information and acts as a conduit for healing from the spirit world. As your Shamanic Energy Alchemist, I work with both of our guides, my intuition, and your energy to provide a compassionate yet robust healing space. While you may not always feel the energy at work, it is real, and often lasts past our individual sessions. There are often practices for you to complete in between sessions. As long as you remain open to the healing work and complete the tasks between sessions, shamanic healing does work.

Shamanic healing often occurs in a trance-like altered state of consciousness. As your practitioner, I will always be in this state during our sessions. Often, you will be in a deep state of relaxation and may enter a state of consciousness different from your ordinary awareness. This usually feels like a deep state of relaxation. You may feel energy and/or heat moving through your body, but this may not always be the case. You may even feel nothing at all. Each person is different on what they experience, how easily they relax, and what level of relaxation they reach. No experience is right or wrong. It is best to remain open to any experience. Whether or not you feel or experience anything during our session, you will certainly notice shifts in the upcoming days. 

Shamanic healing is beneficial to anyone who is looking for deep and lasting change from traumatic and life-altering experiences. It can also help you create a shift in your life if you’re feeling lost, stuck, or unable to move forward. Those who are experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, ongoing fatigue, or an illness that isn’t responding to treatment also find shamanic healing beneficial. 

This differs based on the individual and the complexity of the problem. Most people experience positive results with one session but will need more for lasting change. During your Discovery Call we will work together to determine the package that best meets your needs. 


Yes. I will be happy to create a payment plan to meet your unique needs. I know that everyone’s financial situation is different and want to put healing in reach of as many people as possible. We will discuss payment arrangements during your discovery call. 


No. It is my practice to not give refunds for my work. The work I do with you starts long before our first session and goes on throughout the duration of our work together. It’s not limited to the specific timeframe of your appointment with me. If you aren’t familiar with my work I recommend checking out my blog, social media profiles, YouTube Channel, and the Bad Witch Society online community. 



Let's Make Magic

Why Me?

I get into the layers of your energy field to give you the power to live a life of wholeness.

Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler