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Sunday June 2, 2019          7:00 PM          80 Constitution Ave. Shrewsbury, PA

New Moon Celebration         $10

The new moon is a time of rest, renewal, and rejuvenation. Join me in celebrating with ceremony and meditation.


Sunday June 9, 2019          11:00 AM          80 Constitution Ave. Shrewsbury, PA

Lovingkindness Meditation        $10

Lovingkindness is the act of directing our focus and intention on the happiness of all beings. It is a mental discipline that can be strengthened with regular practice. Metta begins with ourselves because in our culture it is all too easy to loathe ourselves. Once we have mastered metta toward self we direct it outward to loved ones, those we don’t know well, and ultimately to those we dislike or find it hard to be kind toward.

Lovingkindness, when developed and practiced consistently, leads to a decrease in selfishness and anger as well as fear.


Sunday June 16, 2019          11:00 AM          80 Constitution Ave. Shrewsbury, PA

Yoga Nidra          $10

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a state of deep and powerful relaxation and meditation that occurs in a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. 15 minutes of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of one hour of regular sleep.

Yoga Nidra is for you if:
–You feel tired and groggy by the end of the day or week.
–You have trouble sleeping at night.
–You are living with chronic illness or intractable pain.
–You suffer from depression or anxiety.
–You want to transform your life and thought patterns.

Interested in this type of meditation but afraid of your physical limitations? There are absolutely no physical requirements for Yoga Nidra! All that is required is for you to lie down (or sit) and listen.