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Flow Of Grief

Are you dealing with loss and not sure how to navigate the grief waters? It doesn’t matter what the loss is: death of a loved one, loss of a dream, end of a relationship….whatever. Loss of all kinds causes grief. And sometimes we just don’t know how to flow into a “new normal”.
Join Michele Lefler of Living Moon Meditation and Leah Christensen for The Flow of Grief, a 4 part series to discuss grief and how to move forward.
You can register for individual sessions or the entire series.
Individual sessions are $33 each. Registration for the entire series is $100.

What Grief Looks Like

Session 1- Saturday October 22 6-8 PM EDT

In this session Michele and Leah will discuss what grief is and what it looks (and feels) like. Topics will include the stages of grief, how grief is for more than death, and physical and mental changes as a grief response.

Crazy Things People Say to the Bereaved

Session 2- Saturday October 29 6-8 PM EDT

Have you had someone tell you something completely insane about grief? Chances are you have! Join Michele and Leah to hear their stories, share yours, and learn some great responses to keep your sanity intact.


Your Grief Boundaries

Session 3- Saturday November 5 6-8 PM EDT

Sometimes people mean well, and sometimes they just don’t care. But, the thing is, other people’s intentions don’t matter when you’re the one dealing with grief. You don’t have to play nice to soothe other people’s feelings. Join Michele and Leah to discuss why boundaries are important as well as some tips for setting healthy boundaries for yourself and your personal grief journey.

Coping With Grief at the Holidays

Session 4- Saturday November 12 6-8 PM EST

Grief can be hard anytime, but even more difficult at the holidays. With Thanksgiving, Chanukkah, Christmas, and more just around the corner, now is the time to set your plan in motion for getting through these holidays (and more) on your own terms. Join Michele and Leah as they discuss their grief journeys, how they cope, and how things change as you move forward in your grief journey.