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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide ⋆

These are all affiliate links. If you buy something as a result of clicking one of these links, I'll probably get a little thank-you money or another reward. You won't ever pay more for purchasing through me, and secondly, I ain't in the business of recommending stuff I don't personally love.

Brilliant Biz & Life Academy

Leonie Dawson’s Brilliant Biz & Life Academy is absolutely packed full of courses, workshops, workbooks, and MORE. There's SO much goodness in there & SO many ways it can help you & your business!

So if you've been thinking of joining THE essential program for peeps wanting to start or grow their business... you should act QUICKLY.

It's genuinely the most affordable, comprehensive & deliciously useful invention around for entrepreneurs!

But, it's not just for biz peeps! There's tons of life stuff for everyone!

It's $199 per year...

for over $5,000+ of Leonie’s powerful, proven & popular business, marketing, life, & creativity programs.

I'm telling you, this is the best investment I've made in my business and my self! Don't miss it!

Other Offers

Monthly Membership- $9/mth

EMM is a membership that gives you access to all of the essentials for getting started in email marketing. This includes:

  • Weekly newsletter templates
  • Monthly live Q+As
  • Email foundation trainings
  • Guest expert trainings  

How to Avoid Overwhelm - FREE

Discover how 18 different celebrities have found a way to overcome overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout in their lives, and how you can steal their blueprint, but also WHY you should steal it.