Rosh Chodesh the Jewitch Way

New Moon Guide

Did you know that you can explore magic from a Jewish perspective- without giving up your Judaism? Just because you’ve been told it’s not possible doesn’t make it so. What if I told you that it’s possible to embrace a more earth-based shamanic form of Judaism, and it doesn’t have to be all Kabbalah? The Jewitch New Moon Guide gives you just such a way to integrate magic into your Jewish life. 

The Problem

There are three major roadblocks I’ve encountered in my Jewitch practice.

  1. There is an assumption that you’re all alone- that no other Jews practice magic,
  2. The mistaken belief that practicing magic requires giving up Judaism and embracing Wicca, and
  3. A misconception that Kabbalah is the only form of Jewish mysticism

The Solution

My New Moon Guide, Rosh Chodesh the Jewitch Way, is a simple 4 step guide to honoring and working with each phase of the moon. Instead of spinning your wheels to find out if your brand of Judaism is legit, let me help you explore what you want to know.

What People Are Saying

Beautiful! I love how clear, gentle and welcoming this is.❤️
This sounds very helpful and friendly. And supportive.
I love this!! I converted to Judaism and then have moved away from it quite a bit in favor of more generalized spirituality, but I would love to see how it could all be integrated. I look forward to reading your guide!