Life Blueprint


If you’re feeling like you’re working and grinding and nothing comes from what you’re doing? Do you make plans only to have them come to a screeching halt? You’re not alone. Many people are living a life that’s not in alignment with the blueprint of their life. Building a house without following the blueprint leads to disaster. It’s the same with your life. Make decisions based on your personal blueprint. 

  • What would it feel like to know that every decision you make is in alignment with the divine plan Spirit has for you?
  • How would your life be different if you didn’t have to second guess yourself?

I’d love to invite you to get your very own Divine Life Blueprint. You’ll discover deep information about yourself and receive guidance and wisdom on major life questions. 

What you’ll get:

  • Astrological natal chart reading
  • Personality profile
  • Numerology reading
  • 3 card Oracle consultation

We’ll start with a half-hour interview for me to understand your background and the information you are seeking. From there I will work independently to construct your blueprint. You will receive an in-depth written report. If you would like, we can also schedule a half-hour follow-up appointment to discuss your blueprint.

Price: $99 + $30 for optional follow up call

2020 Holiday Special: Get the Blueprint and follow-up for $75. Offer ends 1/1/2021


Why Me?

I give you the plan to build the best life choices for you.

Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler