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Welcome to Michele’s Spring Extravaganza! I’m Michele. It’s so nice to meet you. 

This is where you’ll find all of your freebies! Simply click the image for any item you’d like. Make sure to enter any necessary coupon codes for your free access. 

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Enjoy your goodies!

Michele Lefler | Living Moon Meditation

(usually $13)

Learn what intuition is and what it really means to be psychic! You’ll discover tips and techniques for deepening your intution and developing your psychic senses.

No Coupon Code Needed


Starr Piercy | YonderStarr

(usually $19.99)

Gain a deeper understanding of Spirituality, Manifesting and Co-Creating with Spirit through the Universal Law Course.

No Coupon Code Needed


Maria Leggett | Maria Leggett, Medium

(usually $35)

Communicating with Spirit has been happening for thousands of years. Step into this course with Maria and learn how to utilize and enhance the skills you were born with.

Coupon Code: SPRING


Ally Rose | Your Story Matters

(usually $14)

There is so much noise, so many voices.

It’s easy to lose track of your own voice in the midst of all the noise, to lose sight of your vision in the midst of all the striving.

Are you ready to cut through the noise, rediscover the truth of who you really are, and find your way back home to yourself?

If so, then The Divine Pause Digital Bundle is for you!

Coupon Code: SPRING


Heather Hathaway | Mind & Mantra

(usually $27)

Plan your ritual with clarity and ease with these step-by-step directions. Reflect on all that manifests during this sacred occasion with the journal and planner.

Embrace the transformation.

No Coupon Code Needed


Joanna Ingram | Joanna Ingram Coaching

(usually $47)

Elevate your soul client attraction with energetic messaging and content so you can impact the world with your gifts, grow your business, and live in alignment with your purpose.

Coupon Code: SPIRIT23


Charlene Manzoni | Wellness With Charlene

(usually $5)

★This ULTIMATE 21 Days Positively Happy Journal with daily pages will help you on your journey towards increased happiness day by day ★

Use the 21 daily pages as a regular journaling practice to help maintain a positive mood.

No Coupon Code Needed


Linda Toms | Funny Face Fiction Ltd. 

(usually $15.99)

Discover journaling is also known as the “art of self-reflection.” Journaling serves as an exploration of new ideas. It is a method that allows you to integrate your emotions and thoughts. It may not always be easy to understand how you feel, but when you write about it, you can think through your reactions, analyze how you see yourself and reflect on what’s happening in your life.

Coupon Code: SEB2023


Tiffani Walker | Tiffani Walker Coaching

(usually $49)

Calling all spiritual heartbroken women who want to deeply connect with themselves through practicing self-care!

After using this self-care guide, you’ll have…

• A deep understanding of how to make self-care work for you, what you can do daily, & how to stay more consistent.

• Several options for how to make your self-care routine fit your life no matter how many distractions may come up.

• 4 valuable & downloadable audios, ready to add calm to your life

• 1 beautiful coloring book with one-of-a-kind pages waiting for your magical hands to fill them in.

Click the pic & get your guide today!

No Coupon Code Needed


Heather Plant | Magical Plants

(usually $47)

Do you feel like there is zest missing from your life? Do you desire to feel more magical?Wondering what this magic thing is all about and how you can explore inviting some of it into your world?

Get an understanding of what it means to live magically. Understand the alignment that can occur when you bring more magic into your life. 

Learn the key things to focus on to begin allowing yourself to live a more magical life that is perfectly intune with who you are and what you desire. 

Coupon Code: SPIRITUAL


Rosemary Morretta | TeamSelfCare

(usually $37)

The Self-Care Starter Kit includes 4 effective tools for prioritizing self-care in the busy lives of women. The Self-Care Wheel and 7 Step Guide are useful tools for identifying areas of life that need work and create a personalized self-care practice that improves your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health, and enhances your work-life balance. The Self-Care Journal and Planner will keep you on track with your self-care practice. The Self-Care Starter Kit is a practical, easy, and effective solution for women who are looking to thrive in their business and in life!

No Coupon Code Needed