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Join a dedicated community of meditators. We are a diverse group of people of all levels of practice coming together to support one another in our practice. This is your low-key space to join up with others and expand your meditation- all from the comfort of your own home. Breathe is a community meditation membership where you can meditate with your teacher no matter where you are. 

Breathe includes:

Audio Library

Monthly Live Sit Time

Online Chat Room on Telegram


Destiny Codes is a six-month program designed to take you from soul sickness to living the life of your dreams- a life of unlimited energy and joy. 

It’s a hybrid program with a blend of group and 1:1 sessions each month. You’ll get a blend of shamanic sessions, Reiki, coaching, rituals, rites of passage, and my signature Divine Life Blueprint.  

Destiny Codes includes:

2 Ceremonies

24 Group Coaching + Energetic Sessions

6 Individual Healing Sessions

Online Classroom on Telegram

Paranormal is a monthly membership for those who love all things paranormal! We listen to one paranormal podcast each month and get together to discuss them. This program is completely asynchronous, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want a live call on Zoom. 

Paranormal includes:

Online Chat Room on Telegram


Shine is a monthly membership designed to keep you pumped to live in your authenticity, get your groove back, and practice sacred self-care. 

Shine includes:

Monthly Live Group Coaching 

Online Chat Room on Telegram


Thrive is for humans who are ready to start putting themselves first and make self-care a part of their daily reality. 

Thrive helps passionate and dedicated people- 

1- Learn what self-care truly is (not the popular image of spa days or Netflix and Chill)

2- Understand the necessity of caring for themselves despite the ever-pressing demands on their time

3- Release the guilt and shame that comes from not living up to society’s expectations of performance when saying “no” to yet another request so that you can prioritize yourself instead. 

Thrive includes:

6 group coaching calls

Online Classroom on Telegram