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Your finances should not stand in the way of creating a better life with my services. My sliding scale system for most courses/events/services encourages access for all. If you are interested in working with me and find the sliding scale options to be out of reach for you, please email me to discuss your options. It is my privilege to work with anyone desiring to work with me, regardless of your financial ability. We will work together to find a mutually agreeable solution. 

Unique ceremonies for a unique life. 

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Coaching is a co-creative process where we work together to get you unstuck. As a coach I do not tell you what to do. I ask questions and make suggestions to help you discover the next actions that will work best for you.

Topics: Energy, Spirituality, End of Life, and Grief/Loss/Change 

My typical coaching packages are for 6 or 12 sessions. We will determine the right package length for you at your consultation. 

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Death Doula Services

Due to the highly supportive and custom nature of this work, pricing will be determined by client needs. A consultation is required.

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Death is a sacred process that is best approached with support in order to ensure that your wishes and needs are honored. It is also important that your loved ones and caretakers receive support. As your Death Doula I work with you and your loved ones during the end of life process. My work helps you face the end of your life with dignity and on your own terms. I support you through your entire journey. Notable services include life review, legacy projects, celebrations of life, death rites, vigil planning, and execution of plans. Depending on the plans made, we can work together through the entire process or I can recommend those who are best suited to implement specific plans. 

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I offer planning services for those who wish to plan ahead for the future when they will need end of life care. Many services can be planned ahead, and it is often advisable to do so. While it is our nature to put off thoughts of death, planning ahead can save your loved ones much heartache when your death comes. Planning ahead also ensures that your wishes for your transition will be known. 

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Energetic Services

A six month hybrid (group + 1:1 program) deep dive into soul healing utilizing all of my services in one combined package. Not for the faint of heart. 

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A quick cleansing of your personal energetic space through use of sacred smoke. 

$15- for everyone- no sliding scale

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Throughout human history, moving energy has been the number one way to alleviate sickness and promote wellness. Shamanic sessions are a method for getting to the root cause of what has you stuck and unhooking it from your energetic body. 

Services offered include Emotional Energy Field Clearing, Energetic Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and Cord Clearing.

My typical shamanic packages are for 3 or 6 sessions. We will determine the right package length for you at your consultation. 

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For when you know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there. If you need help seeing the next step, this is for you.

75 minute call

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Compassionate listening without judgement. 

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Magical Workings

The Divine Life Blueprint is a blueprint for your life that supports you shifting from blocked, weary, and overwhelmed to smooth, invigorated, and enlightened. It’s a combination of readings based on your personal natal chart (astrology), numerology report, and personality profile.  

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Let’s make candle magic! During your 20 minute appointment we will discuss your intentions and choose your candle. We will open sacred space and I will carve your intentions on your candle and/or anoint/dress the candle. I will then light it for you and leave it burning. I will text you photos of your candle during the burning and when it has finished burning. 

*Candles used are 4″ chime/spell candles.

Choose Your Price that is best suited to your financial ability.

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Custom incantation bowls for calling in blessings or warding off harm. During your consultation you will pick the bowl you want and we will discuss any biblical verses, angelic beings, and/or dieties to invoke and include in the incantation(s). All lettering is done in English. You can find more information about magic bowls here

Due to the custom nature of these workings, pricing will be discussed during your consultation.

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