Now Is The Time To Embrace A Life of Magic

Living Moon Academy is designed to help you implement Embodied Magic and Jewitchery into your everyday life.

I provide learning with practical tips for magical integration. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of magic, you will also learn down-to-earth methods for implementing what you learn to truly transform yourself. 

Is This Right For Me?
 This is for you if you’re tired of learning without knowing how to actually put what you learn into practice. Maybe you don’t even know where to start your learning journey. Or, perhaps you want a safe, sacred space to learn more deeply with others. No matter what brought you to this point, now is the time for you to embrace your magic. Whether you want to learn for your own personal knowledge or learn how to lead others, Living Moon Academy is for you. If you are seeking a way to claim your power and stand in your own magical sovereignty then this is it!

2020 has brought unprecedented changes to our way of living and the changes aren’t over yet. Now is the time to stand up and live the change you want to see. It’s time for each of us to stand up and claim the changes we want to see. 

What you get:

  • Weekly video lessons
  • Quarterly Shamanic journey
  • Lifetime access to each month’s content
  • Private Facebook group to have continual learning with me and your fellow learners. This is where you will also receive periodic intuitive readings and group coaching sessions. 

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in either school at Living Moon Academy. If you enroll during the middle of a unit you will have access to the recordings of the prior lessons. And, if you missed an entire unit you are free to purchase it as a stand alone self study program. 

All classes are conducted live on Zoom and will be archived for later viewing. 

Embodied Magic and Jewitchery. The Choice is Yours.

Embodied Magic School is for anyone who wants to learn more about witchcraft, magic, and how to put the craft to work for them in a practical way.

Jewitch School is for those who practice Judaism and witchcraft and/or paganism. Anyone interested in learning more about the magical aspects of Judaism are also encouraged to enroll.

Dual Enrollment– Can’t decide which one of our programs is right for you? Definitely interested in both? Enroll in both to get the best value!

Self study options

Most people associate grief with the emotion following the death of a loved one. And it is. But that isn’t the only time we experience grief. Grief is an intense feeling of sorrow or distress after experiencing loss. Any type of loss can result in grief. It doesn’t have to be death. Change that improves our lives can also lead to grief because how we react to the loss of our normal routine varies from person to person. 

What do you do when you are struggling with adjusting to life after a major change? Any change requires developing a new second nature. But, training your brain and body to behave and respond in new ways is difficult. When you’re already struggling this can seem like a monumental- and even insurmountable- task. 

The traditional grief response  is not designed to help you achieve balance. It’s designed to move you to a place that doesn’t cause discomfort for others.

This program will guide you through a process of moving from a loss of life function to rebuilding a life of purpose. No matter what loss you are grieving, this program is designed to help you regain an understanding of who you are and what direction you are going in life. You will receive an understanding of your unique grief situation, your personality, and techniques and guidance for exploring all facets of your inner spiritual being.