Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle design is a misunderstood concept. Most people think it’s about determining their ideal life and getting there. And it is. But the problem comes in figuring out exactly what we want or how we need to get there. We often think that the only way to live the life of our dreams is to quit our day job and start a small business, often online. That may be the answer for some, but it’s usually not the answer for most people. The action you need to take depends on where you want to go. It also depends on you, as an individual, and as a member of a larger community.

What do you do when you don’t know what it means to live your best life but you know for sure that this isn’t it? Figuring out your life purpose is the first step. But, that’s often easier said than done. When you don’t even know where to begin it can seem like you’re destined to live a mediocre life. 


There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t know what direction to go in life. If you’re tired of living your second-best life (or even your third or fourth), you don’t have to settle. As a certified life coach I’m here to work with you. I do not approach our relationship with preconceived notions regarding what’s best for your life. Only you can make those decisions. I listen to you and guide you in honoring yourself in determining your ideal lifestyle. I will guide you through the experience of identifying your lifestyle dreams and moving toward the changes you need to make to get there. 


Consulting is designed to give advice on the best ways to reach your goals. As a coach, I do not give advice. I don’t know what your best life is or what way is best for you to get there. I do, however, know the process that worked for me and how I came to realize what it was. As a coach, I ask you questions. I challenge you to think deeply and seek out your own process. I offer expertise in the process. 


There are several session options available. 

  • Weekly sessions for 1-3 months (recommended if you’re struggling with defining your ideal lifestyle)
  • Sessions every 2-3 weeks for 3 months (recommended for those who know what their ideal lifestyle is, but just can’t figure out how to make it happen)
  • Monthly sessions (recommended for those looking to make targeted changes or continue the work they have started during the more frequent series of sessions)
  • Single sessions every few months (recommended for those looking to touch base, connect, and maintain their momentum by continuing to challenge themselves)


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