Spiritual Coaching

Every one of us has the desire to live a life of balance, harmony, and happiness. Instead, we often feel like we are living a life that happens to us. Spiritual coaching is about conscious living. It is a process that focuses on discovering your life purpose and bringing your life into alignment with that purpose. The only way to live a life of purpose is to set your inner light aflame. 


MeditationSpirituality is often synonymous with religion. While religion can be a part of spirituality, they are not the same thing. Religion is an outward devotion to a deity, while spirituality is an inner devotion to oneself. It is not, however, a selfish practice. Your spirituality, or inner self, represents who you truly are. Spirituality is also an understanding of your beliefs. Living an authentic spiritual life means knowing exactly why you believe or don’t believe certain things. 

Living a spiritual life means fueling your inspiration with things you enjoy. Listening to your inner voice- or intuition- leads towards peace and happiness. Our intuition leads us to the right path for our lives. Hearing and listening to our intuition means heeding those “gut feelings” that tell us when something just isn’t quite right. Sometimes it’s harder to feel those gut feelings. That’s where spiritual coaching comes into play.  


Each one of us has an intuitive self, but our western culture doesn’t value listening to it. As a result, most people have a severely underdeveloped intuitive sense. As a certified life coach I’m here to help you develop your spiritual life. I do not approach our relationship with preconceived notions regarding what’s best for your life. Only you can make those decisions. I work with you to help you identify and hear your true self beneath your consciousness. If your life were an iceberg, I will help you move from the small portion above the water line to accessing the bigger portion that is hidden to the world. 


yogi-3784126_1920A spiritual coach is not a guru or spiritual leader. I do not know more about spirituality than you do, and I don’t give advice on what is best for your spiritual life. What I can do for you is act from a space of my own spiritual life to ask questions and motivate you to reach deeply into your spiritual self. I do not judge you or your life. I will, however, use my intuition to guide my questioning. 


There are several session options available.

  • Weekly sessions for 1-3 months (recommended if you’re struggling with getting in touch with your spiritual self)
  • Sessions every 2-3 weeks for 3 months (recommended for those who need help identifying and listening to their intuition)
  • Monthly sessions (recommended for those looking to make targeted changes or continue the work they have started during the more frequent series of sessions)
  • Single sessions every few months (recommended for those looking to touch base, connect, and maintain their momentum by continuing to challenge themselves)


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