Integrative Readings

Readings are a great way to learn more about yourself and receive guidance and wisdom on major life questions. They help you answer life’s questions as well as understand why you are experiencing life situations as you are. Readings are not fortune-telling. I can not predict your future. I can give you guidance and understanding to help you make your own informed decisions. 

I offer integrative readings that incorporate a variety of modalities. My readings are a blend of astrology and natal chart readings, oracle consultations, and pendulum readings. I rely on my intuition and personal insight to help you discover your own inner understanding of life. 

Astrology helps you understand your personality and how it affects your major life decisions. Your fate is not “written in the stars”, however, based on the Hermetic principle of ‘as above so below’ we can rely on the positions of astrological bodies at the time of birth to reflect the inner workings of our soul. Astrology can point you in a direction, but what ultimately happens is up to you. 

Oracle consulting is an intuitive practice that provides guidance, wisdom, and seeks to answer life’s questions. It differs from Tarot in that it is much less structured. The oracle relies on card imagery, intuition, and personal insight to help guide the client in discovering their own inner understanding of life.

Your reading will consist of a half-hour interview for me to understand your background and the information you are seeking. From there I will work independently to construct your reading. You will receive an in-depth written report. The price is $200. If you would like, we can also schedule a half-hour follow-up appointment to discuss your reading. Pricing for the follow up is $30. 

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