shamanic healing


It's Monday morning once again.

And instead of a vibrant, ready to conquer the world feeling you find yourself sluggish. You’re battling ongoing fatigue and a lack of focus. No matter what your interests are, you feel apathetic. You’re resisting change and you just can’t seem to move forward no matter how much you want to. 

Did you know that these could be latent signs of trauma which tend to last a long time. Or, you could be dealing with depression or a myriad number of other things. If you feel like this is your fault, don’t blame yourself. Please know it’s perfectly normal and understandable. Life is hard and we process things differently. 

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a fresh lease on life.

You’re clear-headed and focused, ready to conquer the world. Instead of the Monday morning above you:

  • Are full of energy
  • Focused and ready to go
  • Enamored with life and all of its beauty
  • Eager to try new things
  • Full of passion and joy

There are many paths to healing. Shamanic Healing is one option, and it’s incredibly powerful. It works on the subtle energy layers within our physical and auric bodies to repair and heal issues that occur throughout a lifetime. 

Signs you may benefit from shamanic healing:

  • Feeling like you don’t belong or like a stranger in the world
  • Difficulty being present or focusing
  • Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy
  • Major life change
  • Feeling stuck or unable to make a decision
  • Missing chunks of your past
  • Inability to recover from emotional trauma
  • Inability to find closure
  • Unexplained ongoing exhaustion
  • Chronic illness or pain
  • Localized illness or pain
  • Feeling cursed or chased by bad luck


importance of ancestor altars

Here's how it works.

Start by scheduling a complimentary consultation and filling out your Intake Packet (found here). Your one hour consultation will consist of a brief discussion to find out if shamanic healing is right for you. If so, we will then move on to discussing the specifics of your situation as listed in your Intake Packet. From here we will map out a course of healing for you which may include all or a combination of the following shamanic practices:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Extraction
  • Power Line Healing
  • Emotional Energy Field Clearing
  • Soul Retrieval


Single sessions:  $60

3 sessions: $135  

6 sessions: $300   

12 sessions: $600


Why Me?

I get into the layers of your energy field to give you the power to live a life of wholeness.

Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler