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soul witness sessions

You have so much stuff swirling around in your mind that you can’t hear yourself think. You find it difficult to relax because the mental chatter is always going with this stuff you’ve got going on in your head. You want to get some relief but you have no where to turn to. Instead you keep it bottled up inside becasue you don’t want to be given unsolicited “advice”. 

Soul Witness
Soul Witness

IMAGINE having an unbiased person to listen to what you say.


IMAGINE having someone truly listen without the need to give feedback.

These 30 minute sessions  are a compassionate space for you to safely talk about what’s on your mind. It may be an idea you’re incubating or some feels  you’ve got that need to be released. Whatever it is, I’m here to listen. This is not coaching and I’m not going to judge what you say. I simply listen. I may ask questions to clarify my understanding or to help you dig deeper, but these sessions aren’t a place where I do a lot of talking (I have coaching sessions for that).

This is for you If you need some who is:

  • a safe outlet for your thoughts
  • a real, honest-to-goodness human ear
  • an unbiased listener


  • Supported


  • Standard


  • Supportive

Why Me?

I am a caring and non-invested person ready to listen to what you have to say.

Shamanic Energy Alchemist Michele Lefler