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Strategy Session

When You Need Help Finding the Way


Part Coaching. Part Shamanic Healing. 100% Shift to Get Shit Done.

If you’re stuck and need to get big magic done,  ask yourself if you’re ready to shift that shit. If so then I am here to support you. 

This is a co-creative process where we work together to get you unstuck. I do not tell you what to do. I ask questions and make suggestions to help you discover the next actions that will work best for you. 

And I move energy.

Throughout human history, moving energy has been the number one way to alleviate sickness and promote wellness. Shamanic healing includes a variety of methods for getting to the root cause of what has you stuck and unhooking it from your energetic body. 

We’ll explore your astrological chart, personality profile, have some deep discussion, and explore shamanic techniques such as Emotional Energy Field Clearing, Energetic Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and Cord Clearing.

This package includes

  • 1 x 120 min appointments
  • Personal Smoke Cleansing
  • Natal Chart Reading
  • Divination