Introduction to Clairvoyance

In my last blog post I spoke about the clair senses as they relate to intuition. Today, I want to specifically discuss clairvoyance or clear seeing. Clairvoyance is easily the most known and talked about psychic sense. It is often referred to as “the sight” or “second sight” and refers to the ability to seeContinue reading “Introduction to Clairvoyance”

What it Means to be a Psychic

Last week I changed my business category on Facebook and Instagram. I had originally listed as an Alternative Health category, but as I am refining my business I realized that is no longer the best fit. While my energetic services are a form of alternative health, I found that I was mostly categorized along with services more medicinal in nature. My offerings are more along the lines of the energetic and extra-sensory perception. I changed my category to Astrologist & Psychic.