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each session builds on the last,,.i am learning and stretching, thank you !!
Erin M.
I appreciate how heart centered Michele approaches the session. She sets clear boundaries, and is careful that the client understands.
Erin M.
I appreciate how heart centered Michele approaches the session. She sets clear boundaries, and is careful that the client understands.
Kimber B.
My coach is amazing and actually listens to me and helps me come up with solutions to my issues.
Jennifer R.


This course helped me understand the chakras and how they function in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It was very interesting, full of helpful information, and very satisfying. (Cycling Through the Chakras)
Kathy P.
I come at this from a non-religious perspective. I don’t want woo woo, but a solid and practical approach to self-care. This course gave me several options for tools I can utilize to help me function at my best. (The Human Penumbra)
Kathy P.
Thank you so much Michele! This was a fun class. I loved the tips at the end for each sign; so helpful! (Mercury Rx: From Fear to Opportunity)
Courtnay F.

Downloadable Products

Michele’s Manifest Your Word visualization is very unique and potent. It helped to ground my word into my body, as well as my chakra system so that the word I chose was able to more firmly take root within my life. It brought my word from just a mental concept into a more tangible form. I highly recommend doing Michele’s visualization with a pen and paper nearby so you can write down the insights that are sure to come from the experience. (Manifest Your Word Visualization)
Larkin G.
I love this!! I converted to Judaism and then have moved away from it quite a bit in favor of more generalized spirituality, but I would love to see how it could all be integrated. I look forward to reading your guide! (Rosh Chodesh Guide)
This sounds very helpful and friendly. And supportive. (Rosh Chodesh Guide)
I read the Haggadah and it is absolutely stunning and so needed. Thank you so much for your creation. (Jewitch Haggadah)
Ally F.
It’s wonderful, thank you for making this available. (Jewitch Haggadah)
Claire B.


I always feel lighter and more connected after a new moon circle led by Michelle. It’s great to find a group that feels so safe and accepting! (Rosh Chodesh/New Moon Ritual)
Emily M.
I needed structure and spiritual anchoring after a ton of familial upheaval. Michelle hosted a lovely, safe seder both in person and virtually, that really grounded me and simultaneously taught me both beautiful Jewish and magic tradition. Understanding more about what freedom means and how I can learn from women (historically and today) through the telling of the exodus during Pesach really served to reconnect me to the present, and provided me space to explore my spirituality. I immediately felt comfortable in the group that came together for this Seder. (A Jewitch Seder)
Your Seder was very interesting and gave me some new insight on the important roles that women played in not only keeping Moses alive, but also keeping those who followed him and escaped alive as well. The more traditional Seders do not dwell on the important actions and contributions of women. I also liked the inclusion of Lilith in the narrative in a positive way. Speaking as one who has attended and conducted numerous family Seders over the years, I observed that the length of your Seder appeared to be appropriate for those who were attending. (A Jewitch Seder)
The Seder was educational and beautiful. The readings are very meaningful and the Seder meal is so enriching on numerous levels. It was a joy to share in Michele’s passion for her faith and with the virtual attendees. I already have the date for next year on my calendar. (A Jewitch Seder)
Cindy A.


Michele led a thoughtful conversation about dedicating ourselves to a part of our lives during the New Moon Meditation.
Amanda Z.
I’ve never been very good at mediation. Michelle’s guidance really took me to a new level.❤️❤️❤️
Lindy O..
Living Moon Meditation has provided me with opportunities to gather with others and share meaningful meditation experiences.
Cindy A.
I still use the processes for calming that you shared in your workshop. It was a great program. I enjoy your posts so much.
Deborah V.


I received a 30 min remote Reiki session last evening. I was in a crappy mood and in pain, this morning the pain has subsided some and my mood and overall attitude are much better. Thank you so much for the much needed attention! I definitely recommend Michele for your Reiki!
Erica B.